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Love Stories

Meet the Pets & Families We Have Helped

Find out about some of the pets Saving Gracie has assisted with medical funds, the love stories from their owners and the families who love them!

Meet Miles!

On Christmas Eve, Miles, our 9 month old puppy, ingested foreign matter that was lodged in his intestine. Our sweet boy Miles …

Meet Stormie

Stormie is 1 of my 3 fur babies. I rescued her 2 years ago after she, her siblings, and her mother were found abandoned. She …

Saving Gracie Love Stories Poopy

Meet Poopy

My three kids and I have had to deal with a lot in the past few years, and Poopy has been the best dog that we have had. She …

Dobby 1

Meet Dobby

While going for a family walk one night with Dobby, our 6 year old pug/shitzu mix, we noticed that he was peeing blood. Uh oh …

Sheba 1

Meet Sheba

After having to put my dog, Pout, down after 17 years of being his mom I swore I would never get another dog. Four years pass …

Lex 1

Meet Lex

On Tuesday the 5th of January we brought our 4 year old cat Lex into Pawsh because he was not urinating. Once we arrived it w …

Tossa 1

Meet Tossa

On July 13 2015 I rescued my baby girl Tossa. She is a twice over rescue. Being a former backyard breeder dog and having her …

Lucy 1

Meet Lucy

One early morning in April 2018, I awoke finding my 13 year old Mini Schnauzer, Lucy, not in her bed. I went into the living …

Chippy 2

Meet Chippy

An adorable cartoon drawn by Chippy’s Mom and another life saved!

Steve 2

Meet Steve

“Steve came to Pawsh Place one afternoon after being tied with a female for four hours. The doctor found his penis was so s …

Popcorn 1

Meet Popcorn

“Popcorn is my world and if it wasn’t for you guys, I’d be crushed right now because I wouldn’t have a live dog. And for what …

Nala 1

Meet Nala

Our family was panicking when we awoke one night to a large amount of blood on our bedroom floor. Our sweet girl Nala was sic …

Gracie 1

Marissa & Gracie

“Our sweet fur girl made it through surgery to remove the infection. She’s on the road to healing and being feisty and sassy …

Bella 1

Bella & Robbie

At Saving Gracie, our mission is simple and it comes from the heart: We give pets a second chance at life. This love story is …

Mayhem 1

Meet Mayhem!

I instantly fell in love with Mayhem when my husband sent me a picture of him after finding him on the street outside of his …