Meet Luna and Leana

Owner’s Name: Leana Molina

Pet’s Name: Luna

Type of Animal: Dog

Number of Hearts Impacted: 40

Veterinary Practice: Pawsh Place

Our Story:

Luna has been a member of our family since we adopted her in 2016. The first time a saw a picture of her, I fell in love with her. Her coloring and eye patch are so cute, I knew she needed to be part of my family. She was only four weeks old and my husband didn’t want to have another dog, but after my niece brought her over my husband fell in love with her too. We named her Luna because she had patches all over her body and they reminded us of the gorgeous night moon. Luna is the perfect name for her.

Luna is such a sweet little girl. Everyone who sees her falls in love with her. She is gentle and polite and listens well. She loves playing with her toys, especially her favorite toy which is a Tuff gear ring. She drags it with her everywhere. She is very attached to this toy and if anyone touches it, she will look at you with a look that says, “Give me my toy back or start playing with me!” It makes me laugh every time.

Luna is so meaningful to me because she is such an emotional support. She is always around me comforting me, giving me kisses, laying down in my bed with me, and following me anywhere I go. When I lay down on the sofa and she is not next to me, she starts crying to be with me. Luna loves being outside – playing ball, going for walks or hikes, and swimming in the river. When Luna got hurt, she couldn’t play outside anymore. She had to lay on the couch and she lost a lot of weight. Without Saving Gracie, we are afraid that we would lose Luna. My entire family loves her and we can’t imagine life without her.

Thank you, Saving Gracie, for helping us keep our special Luna in our lives!

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