Meet Stormie

Stormie is 1 of my 3 fur babies. I rescued her 2 years ago after she, her siblings, and her mother were found abandoned. She is a sweet spunky little princess and is a part of my family. When she got hurt and spent the day in the hospital, my other dogs were crying and looking for her all day.

I don’t know how Stormie’s life was before she entered mine. But when I got her she was scared and would run and hide; the pound thought she was deaf. But she is not she is full of life, she likes to give kisses now and she likes to play.


Stormie’s paw was bitten off by my neighbor’s dog through our fence and she needed surgery within 48-hours or it would have been critical and we would have had to put her down. I couldn’t do that, she deserves to live. Stormie is a fighter. Stormie is a part of my family without her there would be a part of my family missing.

-The Grant Family

A Facebook Post from Pawsh Place Veterinary Center and Boutique November 30, 2020:

After being attacked by a bigger dog, Stormie’s survival was in jeopardy and her leg needed to be amputated. Unfortunately, her owners weren’t able to afford the surgery during these tough times. Thankfully, Saving Gracie, a local angel fund for pets, was able to cover the cost of Stormie’s life-saving procedure. This heartfelt charity is solely supported by donations… Today is “Giving Tuesday”, please consider donating to Saving Gracie and RESHARING this FURbulous foundation that gives pets in need a second chance at life.