Meet Honey

Honey is my only roommate. I’ve had a pet all my life although Honey adopted me. I named him Honey because he’s a Tabby that’s the color of honey & he’s just as sweet.

I’ve always supported pet foundations etc. and in 2010 I even ran a 1/2 marathon to raise $350.00 for ARF. They were the 1st place I went to look for help now. Unfortunately they couldn’t help us.

My own medical and dental bills were over $11,000 in 2020 & I had another surgery on March 23rd to correct a weak diaphragm. In September 2020 I had a bad fall & I’m still fighting with the ambulance co. about their bill for $2,660. My first 2 stimulus checks went toward my medical bills. At this rate I’ll only have enough savings left to live another year or two! I spent over $3,000 in 2015/2016 on my cat, Prince, who had diabetes & we lost him in July 2016. This is the FIRST time I’ve really ever asked for financial help. I am unable to spend every penny I have & then have to put him down because he’s in pain.

-Carol Woodward

I was so happy when one of my granddaughter’s friends told me about Saving Gracie. I had looked for funding because I want to help Honey and he deserves to have his problems addressed. When he first adopted me he was nice but had some bad habits from living outdoors. We took care of those & now he’s just the most loving cat…follows me from room to room. He no longer does anything that would be considered threatening. He lets me cut his claws & do other things that other cats would not permit. My 1 month old GREAT granddaughter came to visit & Honey just stares at her.