Meet Steve

“Steve came to Pawsh Place one afternoon after being tied with a female for four hours. The doctor found his penis was so swollen it would not return back into its preputial sheath, causing a condition called paraphimosis.


After reducing the penis back to normal, the doctor sent home some medication and Steve went home. The next day, the owners returned because the condition returned and Steve hadn’t been able to urinate. The doctors needed to act fast, sedate steve, and do whatever they could to decrease the swelling. The procedure was long and expensive, the owner had a discussion of euthanasia as a suitable option over treatment. The Saving Gracie Foundation stepped in and offered a grant to pay for Steves procedure. The Saving Gracie Foundation provided Steve with a second shot at life, he is now 10 months old, happy and healthy, enjoys long walks through the park and snacking on apples!”

-Heather Lammi, Veterinary Assistant