Apply for Help through our Angel Fund

Find Out if Our Angel Fund Can Help Your Pet

In order to be considered for financial assistance, please see if you qualify prior to filling out the application form.

  1. Your pet has been examined and diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian.
  2. You have paid for the exam and diagnosis.
  3. You have an estimate from the veterinarian.
  4. Your pet has a life-threatening emergency and is in urgent need of care.
  5. Your pet is youthful and otherwise healthy and a licensed veterinarian believes your pet has potential for a long and healthy post-surgery life.
  6. Your pet does not have a pre-existing condition and/or is in need of long term care and treatment.
  7. You have exhausted all options to finance the procedure such as seeking help from family members, friends, savings accounts, credit cards, and pet emergency credit.
  8. Special consideration will be given to applicants that are making an active attempt to raise funds using our preferred crowdfunding source, Waggle. 
  9. You understand that, upon approval, Saving Gracie only releases funds to the licensed veterinary clinic that performs the procedure.

If you and your pet meet the qualifications above, please fill out the following form to be considered for financial assistance.

Applications will be reviewed Monday-Friday from 9AM to 5PM. Please make sure your veterinarian is a preferred WAG partner as we are only accepting applications through our partner veterinary practices.