Meet Buddy and Courtney

Owner’s Name: Courtney

Pet’s Name: Buddy

Type of Animal: Dog

Number of Hearts Impacted: 15

Love Story:

Buddy is a meaningful and special part of the family. My kids love him, and he makes them smile every day. We rescued him to give him a better life and he has given us a better life as well. He sleeps with my kids every night, snuggling with them under the covers. He wakes them up for school by licking their faces, then walks with them to school. He has become a very important part of our family.

Everyone who meets Buddy can’t help but love him! He has so many great qualities, that it’s impossible to pick just one. He is funny – he keeps us smiling and laughing all the time. He is also intelligent. Once the front porch caught on fire. Buddy sensed the danger and woke everyone up with his frantic barking. He led me to the porch and showed me the fire, and I was able to call the fire department before the fire reached the house and caused too much damage. Buddy saved our lives. He is named Buddy for a reason – he is our buddy! We are grateful to him every day, and we are grateful that Saving Gracie can help us save his life!

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