Meet Poopy

My three kids and I have had to deal with a lot in the past few years, and Poopy has been the best dog that we have had. She has been there for all of us and also my parents adore her. She loves to sit at the window and coming home to her bawwwoooooos! is the best. She always rolls over every time you walk by hoping for a belly rub, she has a happy smiley face and airplane ears to go with it. When you scratch her butt she gives a little shiver and her fluffy tail whips around in a circle. She is a stoic dog with a huge heart.


Poopy was progressively getting worse day-to-day. We were hoping she would bounce back, but it became apparent what needed to be done. My parents offered to pay up to $1,000.00 for any bill if it was a simple fix. It was a divine intervention when Candise at, Oakvet Animal Specialty Hospital, told us we could save the dog through an organization for situations like ours. We had decided and were expecting to have to say one last goodbye, but instead of tears of sorrow, our tears were of joy and shock.

We feel that Saving Gracie means that there are hope and grace and that life is precious and priceless. And thank God it did not have to cost Poopy her life.

The McCarthy Family