Meet Penelope

I found my girl on the streets on the brink of death. I was thinking about getting a big dog for safety and Penelope walked right in front of my van. We saved each other. She’s so smart, she learned every trick I’ve taught her!

She developed pyometra and had surgery and then she couldn’t walk!!! She was screaming out in pain. It was breaking my heart to see my vibrant, energetic girl just lie there is horrible.

She couldn’t even get up to eat. I has to hold her bowl in front if her. She looked at me with such sorrow in her eyes. She deserves every bit of help and at least a fighting chance to be herself again and to walk!! I have exhausted my finances to the point of not being able to pay my bills. She totally deserves a better quality of life! This is breaking both our hearts.

Thank you Saving Gracie!