Meet Nala

Our family was panicking when we awoke one night to a large amount of blood on our bedroom floor. Our sweet girl Nala was sick. We rushed her to the vet hospital where they reassured us that she would be ok. But during all the testing it was discovered that she had a large stone in her bladder. Everything began to make sense.

We had been struggling for months with reoccurring bladder infections that never completely resolved. Thankful that our girl was going to be ok we began searching for a place to perform her surgery. It quickly became evident that the surgery would be more then we could financially afford. Our family was heartbroken as we struggled with the thought of having to put down our family member. That was when someone informed us about the Saving Gracie Foundation. We were over the top happy to find somewhere that could help us save our little girl. She was scheduled immediately for same day surgery to have the stone removed and it couldn’t have happened at a better time as the vet explained that her urethra was complete blocked.


We will forever be grateful for the Saving Gracie Foundation and generosity of all the individuals who make this program possible. Our family is whole today because of everyone involved.
and also …….

Thank you to everyone at Pawsh Place for caring for our little girl. Every part of our experience was great. My family will be regular customers from this day forward.

Brian and Vicki Chavez