Meet Maui and Dennis

Owner’s Name: Dennis

Pet’s Name: Maui

Type of Animal: Dog

Number of Hearts Impacted: 15

Veterinary Practice: Iron Horse Vet Care

Love Story:

Maui was a rescue dog. He came from Stockton with a group of dogs. Unfortunately, most of the dogs had parvo and Maui needed a safe place to go. I decided to take him as a foster for a few days. It did not take long for me to turn a few days into forever. At the time my dog, Oscar, was old and not doing well. Oscar eventually passed. It was heartbreaking. I will also ways be grateful to Maui as he helped ease the pain.

Maui has been a great dog for me. He is my best buddy, and I call him my road dog because we are always together. Whether I’m traveling, fishing, or just hanging out he is always there. I hang out at a marina, he has become known as Maui the “river dawg”, because he loves the river so much. Whether he is playing on the bank or going for a swim, he has learned to love the river. He has also become a decent boat dog. He is allowed to come to work with me as well, so we are literally always together. He is very loving and sweet. Most people who meet him will agree. He has made many human friends over the years and also has a few dog friends. He likes to fetch and walk.

Maui and I have become best of friends. I can always count on him to cheer me up or give me a laugh when I am feeling down. At night he crawls under the covers and lays on my legs. He is like a little heater, and I know he will always keep me warm. He is a unique dog with a great personality. I am grateful to Saving Gracie for helping me give Maui the care he needs to keep living a full and happy life.

EIN 47-4565716

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