Meet Thomas and Kristen

Owner’s Name: Kristen

Pet’s Name: Thomas

Type of Animal: Cat

Number of Hearts Impacted: 5+

Our Story: Thomas is the best cat ever. He has had a hard life, coming from a shelter where he wasn’t well cared for. After we welcomed him into our home, he came out of his shell. He loves to be loved and follows us around just to be near us. He absolutely loves our daughter and sleeps on her bunk bed with her. In the morning, he acts as our alarm clock, standing over us and gently trying to wake us up. I have never seen a cat that will wag its tail when he’s happy, but Thomas does, and it’s the absolute cutest thing. When Thomas came into our lives, he really came out of his shell, and he has made a huge impact on our hearts. I have never had a cat that has loved being loved like Thomas. He follows us around the house and is wherever we art. He just loves to be held and loved.

Thomas deserves to grow old and continue being loved the way he is loved with in our family. We would be truly lost without him. The dogs and my daughter wouldn’t know what to do without their best friend. Thomas is a part of our family, and we thank Saving Gracie for helping us with his treatment. With Saving Gracie’s help, we were able to give a family member a second chance at life. He has finally found his forever home with us – a home that is filled with love, and he will stay with us until he is old. Thank you!