Meet Minnie and Jennifer

Owner’s Name: Jennifer Atkinson

Military Service: No

Pet’s Name: Minnie

Type of Animal: Dog

Veterinary Practice: All 4 Paws Veterinary Hospital

Number of Hearts Impacted: 5+

Our Story:

Minnie is 14 years old. My Aunt’s friend used to breed Minatare Dachshunds and I really wanted one, so when Minnie was ready to go to her forever home I purchased her. When we first brought Minnie home she did not want to eat so we started with chicken baby food for a couple days and then she went on to eat her dog food. Now she is a food expert she does not pass up anything and loves Milk bones, bacon treats and she really loves when mommy makes homemade bones and dog friendly ice cream. She will sit in the kitchen and stare me down just waiting for them to be done.

What I love most about her is how loving and laid back she is. She will lounge around all day with me. She has her way of hugging me, letting me know she is ready for bed, she wants a treat, or to go out and go potty. It’s like we have our own language. She has a favorite toy that is a stuffed monkey and a fortune cookie. She loves everyone even other animals and is just a go with the flow dog. She loves hanging out with her human sister or going to Grandmas’ house. She used to have a Chihuahua sister that she absolutely loved, when she passed away Minnie did not want to eat or play and then her brother came into our lives and she came back to being herself again. He is half her age so sometimes he is a little much for her and does not want to be bothered with him and she loves to love on her kitty sister.

Funding from Saving Gracie would mean everything to me. It would mean that my baby can get back to being fully healthy again and not have to be cut open, drained and on antibiotics every couple months. Funding would mean that I could have a huge burden lifted from my shoulders as that would be one big stressful thing removed from my plate. This would be a huge burden lifted from Minnie’s little body as well as myself and the household because my daughter is very worried about her as well as my Grandma, Aunt and Parents.

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