Meet Abigail

Abigail started off as a feral cat on the property I’m living at. I moved there two years ago and she was roaming around. I fed her and spent the next two years gaining her trust so that she’d know how it felt to be loved, petted and cared for. She lets me hold her, pet her and always follows me around the property.

She has the cutest little meow to say “Hi”. Even though Abigail started as a feral kitty she has become family and is a bright spot in my day and life.


After an injury to her rear left leg, I had no choice but to get help for her, but I was unable to afford to pay for the vet bills. I created a crowdfunding campaign and received a grant from a Community Animal Assistance Program, but it was not going to cover the entire emergency procedure.

While I was at UC Davis with Abigail, I learned about Saving Gracie. I spoke with Lisa and after filling out the online application, Saving Gracie’s Angel Fund helped cover Abigail’s surgery costs, less the monies I had raised prior to help with her procedure.

Thank you Saving Gracie for being there for us.

Abigail Update Added May 19, 2021:

Abigail is doing well and we received this video of her making biscuits on the bed with her momma. Sending love to you and your family Abigail!