Meet Delilah and Erica

Owner’s Name: Erica

Pet’s Name: Delilah

Type of Animal: Dog

Veterinary Practice:

Number of Hearts Impacted: 20

Our Story:

Delilah is the sweetest girl. She is always there to give you snuggles and loves and kisses. She can tell if her humans are having a rough day, and always tries to make us smile and feel better. She is also our road dog that we take on all our camping trips. She is the mascot when all the kids play kick ball together. She loves dressing up for the holidays, especially fourth of July. She is also the silly little sisters of our old girl Shelby and our 4 cats.

Delilah isn’t a fetch dog. She doesn’t like running after toys. She does love playing tug of war with her sister Shelby though. Her most favorite thing to do however is to get human attention. I take her to the dog park often to get some energy out. She runs around with the other dogs for a little while, chasing each other and jumping all over each other. She gets worn out super fast though. She then goes up to the human of her choice and just leans her entire body weight against them. She looks in to their eyes and gives the best puppy dog face. There is no saying no. You can’t help but to give her loves. Delilah is an instant friend to everyone she meets. She isn’t the kind of dog you pet once and then forget about. Her vibrant personality sticks with you. She brightens the days of all around her.

EIN 47-4565716

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