Together We Can Support the Human-Animal Bond and Help Reduce Economic Euthanasia

Saving Gracie…Healing Human Hearts and the Pets Who Love Them

Saving Gracie is a 501c3 public charity whose mission is to end economic euthanasia by funding all, or a portion of, emergency life-saving veterinary bills for those in financial need. W.A.G., which stands for “Working Angels for Gracie,” is a network of preferred veterinary partners who help us achieve our mission by referring qualified pets to our emergency veterinary partners.

We are here to support not only the pet owner, but the veterinary professional by offering funding through a referral program with the  Solano Pet Emergency Clinic (SPEC) and the Maverick Emergency Surgery Center

Our only ask is that you tell your clients about us, which will help us expand our donor base enabling us to provide support for the veterinary professional and the pet owners who feel their only option is euthanasia.

How it works:

If your client is in need and meets all criteria below, the first step is to have them apply for help. Once the application is received by our team of emergency veterinary specialists,  you (the referring veterinary practice) will be notified if funds are available for your client. Once it has been determined that your client qualifies for funding,  arrangements will be made for the transfer of the pet to either the Solano Pet Emergency Clinic or the Maverick Emergency Surgery Center.


If you have any questions about our process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Saving Gracie (click here and have it go to an email [email protected]


  • You have examined the pet and have  provided a clear written diagnosis in writing.
  • The pet has a life-threatening condition and is in immediate need of emergency care.
  • The pet does not have co-morbidities ( pre-existing conditions)
  • The pet is youthful and otherwise in good health and will not require ongoing treatment.
  • The client has paid for the initial exam and all diagnostics.
  • With emergency intervention, you believe the pet has a  strong potential for a long and healthy post-surgery life.
  • Your client has  exhausted all options to finance the procedure such as seeking help from family members, friends, savings accounts, credit cards, and pet emergency credit. (Proof of care credit denial will be required).
  • Your client understands they must complete our apply for helpin order to be considered for funding. 
  • Your client  understands that completing an application does not constitute approval of funding.
  •  If funding is granted, the referring veterinarian will be notified and can notify the client. 
  • Please Note: upon approval, Saving Gracie only releases funds to the licensed veterinary clinic that performs the procedure.
  • In order to receive funding, your client’s pet will need to be transferred to either the Solano Pet Emergency Clinic or the Maveric Emergency Surgery Center.