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Saving Gracie…Healing Human Hearts and the Pets Who Love Them

Saving Gracie is a 501c3 public charity whose mission is to end economic euthanasia by funding all, or a portion of, emergency life-saving veterinary bills for those in financial need. W.A.G. which stands for “Working Angels for Gracie”, is a network of preferred veterinary partners who help us achieve our mission.

We are here to support you, the veterinary professional.

Our only ask is that you tell your clients about us which will help us expand our donor base enabling us to provide support for the veterinary professional and the pet owners who feel their only option is euthanasia.

We understand that your time and staff hours are valuable so you choose your level of commitment. Both established and growing practices will benefit through our mutual compassion for pets, for people and the respect for the human-animal bond.

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W.A.G. Preferred Partner FAQ’s

Most of your questions can be answered here. If you’d like to speak to a human, we welcome you to call Saving Gracie at 707.469.3496.

Saving Gracie is a 501c3 public charity whose mission is to end economic euthanasia by funding all, or a portion of, emergency life-saving veterinary bills for those in financial need. Read more about Saving Gracie on our About page  the human hearts healed and their pets on our Love Stories page.

W.A.G. stands for “Working Angels for Gracie”. Gracie, a tri-colored Mini Australian Shepherd is the inspiration for Saving Gracie. She not only serves as our mascot, she holds a very important seat on our Board of Directors as “Director of Squirrel Chasing”. Read more about Gracie on our About Page.

A veterinary professional who shares Saving Gracie’s mutual desire to offer financially limited pet owners an option to receive funding for a life-saving procedure, avoiding the emotional cost of economic euthanasia.

Our network of preferred partners assist us in our fundraising efforts and donor outreach.

Our mission is simple and comes from the heart…we are about healing human hearts and the pets that love them. We can not do this without veterinary professionals who help us reach more donors. Our program is completely transparent, 100% community funded and volunteer driven.

Our goal is to provide veterinarian practices with this option for your clients with the additional benefit of helping put a stop to economic eutanasia and to help veterinarians, and their staff, from suffering the mental toll that can take place.

Our W.A.G. Preferred Partner program will, through a mutually beneficial relationship, help raise awareness and open doors for both of us to help more pet owners and veterinary staff members avoid the emotional toll that comes with economic euthanasia.

To help more veterinary professionals and pet owners with a positive alternative to euthanasia, along with the increase of pet ownership and/or  bond with their existing pets during the pandemic, and the rise in veterinary care once pet owners return to work, Saving Gracie, 100% reliant on community donations, is expanding our reach. The expansion will also reach a wider audience of potential donors to enable us to be there for you and your clients.

We know time is one of your most important resources, so we make it simple for you. We only ask that you fill out the brief online questionnaire above and feel free to call us with any questions at 707-469-3496. We will also meet in person or on Zoom to provide the support you need.

Our W.A.G. Preferred Partners who, along with Saving Gracie, are recognized for their dedication to preserving the human-animal bond through our commitment to help end economic euthanasia. Your practice will benefit from our mutual goal which is to keep pets at home with the people and families they love. Additionally, you and your staff will be armed with an alternative option that can offer a positive outcome, reducing compassion fatigue.

In order to be considered for funding, the pet owner must meet all of the qualifications outlined and fill out the application on our Apply for Help Page. Special consideration for funding is given to those currently serving and veterans of the military as well as applicants who are making an active effort to fundraise using our preferred crowdfunding source, Waggle.

It is not our intent to add more responsibilities to your busy schedule (or ours!) We view the W.A.G. Preferred Partnership with Saving Gracie as a way for you to help your clients avoid economic euthanasia and your staff to find some relief from compassion fatigue, depression and sadness.

Increasing donor awareness through your practice and your clients, helps us raise funding needed to save pets. At the very least, we would love to be able to place a donation box and a small poster in your reception area. We can also discuss mutually beneficial marketing boosts that can save time for us both by combining efforts.

Our goal is to offer every pet owner, no matter if they are new to your practice or have been with your office for years, an option for a positive outcome when they are unable to fund an emergency life-saving procedure. A full practice especially benefits as they are more likely to have more of a bond with their clients due to a lengthy history with the veterinarian and your staff.

If you feel that you have a qualifying client, please have them fill out the Apply for Help form. Saving Gracie will reach out to your practice for confirmation  and let you know how much we are able to fund, if funds are available.  Funds for the procedure will be immediately released to the veterinary practice upon receipt of an invoice that is equal to or less than the amount of the estimate.