Meet Duchess and Katelyn

Owner’s Name: Katelyn

Pet’s Name: Duchess

Type of Animal: Cat

Number of Hearts Impacted: 5+

Our Story: We’ve had Duchess since the day she was born and she is my daughter’s baby. She is such a fun and quirky cat. She loves being near us and chases us up and down the stairs while we’re walking. She also jumps on the counter to roll around while we are in the kitchen. Sometimes she underestimates the edge of the counter and falls off, but she always lands on her feet. We are so grateful to Saving Gracie for helping us give Duchess more chances to land on her feet!

EIN 47-4565716

Saving Gracie

[email protected]


Mailing Address
Saving Gracie
1010 Helen Power Drive #1008
Vacaville, CA 95687

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