Meet Jaggy

Six years ago a tiny abandoned runt of a litter had no idea that soon she was going to become part of a loving human family five. With her black as night coat, beautiful piercing yellow eyes, there was no other more appropriate name to call her than Jaguar (Jaggy for short).


After lots of tender love and care and using black to physical and emotional health in the right hands of a loving mom, dad, brother and two older sisters. The trust started to build and the skittish emotion started to subside. The cries of fear eventually eventually formed into purrs and small meows of love. The once curled up kitten started to walk tall, proud, cute and clumsy and over the years has become one of the most loving felines a family could ever ask for and have. She may be small but don’t let size fool ya! She’s a big hearted gift wrapped in a little box.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Saving Gracie for giving this fierce jaguar another chance at life. Without all of you this wouldn’t have been possible.


Lissa, Rocky, Bailey, Nevaeh, Kiley and many more loved ones