Meet Tossa

On July 13 2015 I rescued my baby girl Tossa. She is a twice over rescue. Being a former backyard breeder dog and having her vocal cords cut to end up being adopted to another family who did not properly care for her feeding her mashed potatoes and m&ms.

She instantly became family. I suffer from sever anxiety and slight depression and she made most all of that subside. My kids were in love with her as much as I am.


The past year Tossa had been suffering from dry eye which she was put on medicated eye drops. On June 25th, her eye became so bad that a goober formed on her eye and when it dislodged blood started seeping out.

I contacted her vet and was told to keep the eye drops going and use a cold compress. I knew in my heart and expressed it was way worse.

Financially I was in a really hard spot as my husband had gone thru heart failure and struggling to keep things afloat.

I reached out to Facebook for any ideas and got a lot of support and ideas. After countless calls and leads I was pointed to Pawsh in vacaville.

I expressed my situation and was welcomed in to bring her for an exam. They tested her eye and her good one was at a pressure test of 21 and her bad eye at a 31.

I was given an estimate for eye removal and went back home to figure things out. Not even an hour after getting home she rubbed her bad eye and looked like she tore it open and it was seeping more blood.

Calling pawsh back I was emotionally so distraught I could barely breathe. I was advised to bring her back and took tossa right in.

She was stable enough to go home but needed this eye out. Knowing in my heart putting Tossa down was not an option, she’s got so much love and life. That’s when I met Darci from Saving Gracie. Such a sweet understanding woman with a heart of gold. Her gracious heart was there to help me with funding of Tossa’s procedure.

I literally felt like I had met Tossa’s guardian angel. That was only the beginning. I had even made a few new friends that were also willing to help us out.

Tossa’s surgery on June 26th went smoothly and wow when I saw her, my heart was so full I could not contain myself. Her eye that was removed looked so good, I mean wow. Very little swelling and looked just amazing, almost like she was just winking at everyone.

June 27th 6am. Tossa is alert, bright eyed and as spunky, funky as can be! I mean she got her mojo back!

Darci, all the staff at Pawsh and my Facebook people saved her. Guardian angels do exist and walk amongst us daily.

I am forever grateful for what wonderful service and support I have gotten. Darci and Pawsh are now an extended part of my family!