Meet Stevie and Joelle

Owner’s Name: Joelle Kewish

Military Service: No

Pet’s Name: Minnie

Type of Animal: Dog

Number of Hearts Impacted: 10

Our Story:

Stevie came into our lives in 2018 following the unexpected death of an otherwise healthy family dog in 2016. My children were devastated by the loss of that pet, and we didn’t have a pet for two years. One day, I saw Stevie’s picture on a local non-profit’s website. Stevie’s mother was abandoned at a shelter when she was pregnant with Stevie. She was recused by the non-profit, which is where Stevie was born. I instantly fell in love with this tiny, little puppy and when she was old enough to adopt she joined our family. Stevie weighed in at just under two pounds and I remember being scared I might lose her under a pile of laundry! But I did not lose her. She grew up and she is almost three years old now! Stevie is the light of our lives, but I am the light of hers. She chose me as her number one person, her provider, her mama! She loves everyone else in the household, but she has not left my side since the beginning. I can no longer imagine me without her.


Our “Love Story” with Stevie is one of patience and perseverance! Because I am her chosen one, she will not potty for anyone else. She snubs her nose up at food if I’m not in her line of vision, she waits for me outside the shower, watches TV with me and sleeps by my side every, single night. She howls and dances at the site of me. It’s pure joy. My husband teases, saying what a pain! I say, well maybe for you! Even though she is so particular the entire family cherishes her companionship and her quirky little ways. Stevie has a crooked underbite, wiry unruly hair that sticks up all over the place. She is an adult dog who weighs nine whole pounds, yet she fiercely protects our home.


Funding from Saving Gracie means more to me than I can describe right now. Stevie was chasing leaves on the pavement in the wind when she was attacked by another dog. Then it all changed, like life has a way of doing; in a split second, leaving me reeling. Helplessness washed over me after the financial repercussions of it all were discussed and I was in tears. I felt hopeless, helpless, and alone. Probably one of the worst combinations of human emotions all at once. Being able to help Stevie and having her stay such an important part of my family means everything! Thank you!

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