Meet Dobby

While going for a family walk one night with Dobby, our 6 year old pug/shitzu mix, we noticed that he was peeing blood. Uh oh… that can’t be good, we thought. We immediately called our veterinarian at Pawsh and brought him in. They did an ultra sound and found a mass in his bladder. He was given antibiotics and she told us to keep an eye on him and hopefully the bleeding will subside. Over the course of the next few days, we were so thankful to see that there was no more blood in his urine! We thought we were all in the clear… until we he started peeing blood again a few days after the antibiotics were gone.


We took Dobby back to Pawsh as our 3 year old cried because he didn’t want Dobby to be hurt again. They took an xray of his bladder and saw that he had big bladder stones. The veterinarian told us that it was going to require surgery. When she gave us the quote, or hearts sank. There was no possible way that we would be able to afford the surgery. We tried to brainstorm ways that we could get the funds to save our pup, but there was just nothing that we could do. Our hearts ached as we started to think of ways to tell our 3 year old that his buddy was sick and that we couldn’t help him.

Then we got the call from Pawsh! They let us know about Saving Gracie and that they were willing and able to help us with the cost of the surgery! Our prayers had been answered! Dobby was scheduled for surgery and recovered like a champ! Dobby has been more active and playful then he has been in a VERY long time. Sadly it’s because we didn’t know he was in pain all this time, but the good news is that he is no longer hurting! We have our old friend back and couldn’t be more grateful! Words cannot express how thankful we are for Saving Gracie and those that support this amazing organization!

-The Borgen Family