Meet Kathleen & Achilles

Owner’s Name: Kathleen

Pet’s Name: Achilles

Type of Animal: Dog

Number of Hearts Impacted: 3

Veterinary Practice:

Our Story:

We have had Achilles since he was a puppy, and we bottle fed him as if he was our own child. He’s emotionally supportive of us he’s he is our emotional support dog. . . When we are having bad days and come home he loves us with open arms, or wagging tails. When my days are gloomy and sad, and or I feel alone he is there for me. We love to exercise together run around and go for walks and play fetch.

Achilles is always so darn nosey every time we go to the store without him he will sniff through all of our bags until he is satisfied and finds what he is looking for. When he wants or needs something he will be very persistent. By batting our hands with his paws or licking our faces. He actually will talk back too, if he feels like it. He loves learning and being told he is a good boy.

Thank you, Saving Gracie! With your help, I get to keep my best friend, my baby boy.

EIN 47-4565716

Saving Gracie

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