Casting Call: What’s Your “Why”?

You’ve played a leading role in saving the lives of pets and we are hoping that you will accept our invitation to be a star in our upcoming video production called “Why I Give”.

Each and everyone of Saving Gracie’s supporters has their own reason for giving. Your reason “why” might be a personal connection, your deep love for helping animals, maybe you don’t want to see a family suffer the loss of a pet, or you want to give to your community.

The Saving Gracie team is looking for those who have supported Saving Gracie’s Angel Fund for Pets and would like to have a fun time with us sharing your “why” in an upcoming video production.

No acting experience needed! We are looking for an honest and heartfelt reason why you have given to Saving Gracie’s Angel Fund for Pets.
We encourage families, individuals, business owners, and of course, your pets to star in our video production.
The video recording session won’t take up much of your time (no longer than 30-minutes) and will be scheduled at your convenience.
We will meet with you where you feel most safe, more than likely it will be an outdoor environment such as a park or your front yard.
Your videographer will wear a mask at all times and will practice social distancing. We ask that our stars do the same.
Thank you to all of you for the support and love you give to Saving Gracie, an Angel Fund for Pets, we understand that these are tough times and we are deeply appreciative of you, our community and all that you give.

If you are interested, please fill out the the form below and a Saving Gracie volunteer team member will get back to you to schedule a date at your convenience.


Why I Give

Choose your role for our upcoming video production!
Terms, Conditions and Release of Assets: I am over the age of 18 and I grant permission for Saving Gracie to use any assets that are submitted by myself or an agent of the Saving Gracie organization. I understand that I am acting as a volunteer and will not receive compensation from Saving Grace and/or its agents. Assets can include but are not limited to photos, videos, verbal or written copy. I hereby release any and all assets to the Saving Gracie, an Angel Fund for Pets organization to use for marketing purposes that can include, but are not limited to the website, social media platforms, print materials, advertising, videography, and for other public use as needed.(Required)