Candy Corn was adopted near halloween (could you guess?). She is the light and heart of our animal side of the family alongside her other cat sisters and dog sister. The cat and dog surprisingly love each other. My 3,4 and 8 year old are also in love with this sweet baby. I rescued her from petsmart, as she stared me down from down the isle in the adoption kennel, I basically felt her looking at me. It was love at first sight. I had to rescue this baby. As we moved she ended-up escaping and was out for three weeks. After countless tries, ring recordings, late night bush searches and calls. We finally caught her 8/3. She was limping and clearly hurt. We brought her to our vet who gave us a $1k quote for sedation for the certain x-ray images and meds. I was unable to afford it at the time and was able to get the meds for her to be as comfortable as possible. I went on a mission to find a way to get her treatment. I started a waggle and shared all over. I was able to raise $125 and when the number was stuck there I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try as the worst that would happen was a no. So I applied to Saving Gracie and she reached out approving her care. Even though she was not in a life or death situation but it was extremely painful for the kitty and is an emergent situation. We had exhausted all other resources including care credit, scratchpay etc. She was able to get her sedation and diagnostic treatment. The journey has only began as she needs surgery for multiple fractures at UC Davis, but we wouldn’t have made it this far without the compassionate and caring Lisa. We thank you for all you have done and for helping our family.