Meet Koba

Meet Koba

Koba has been a part of our lives since he was just a few months. He’s my baby.

When my morning alarm goes off, he will try to wake me up by rummaging through my hair and when I have my morning coffee he lays in my lap. At the end of my work day he greets me at the door and begs to go for a walk.

Koba is the most well behaved while we are out, he doesn’t even bark at the other doggies, but he whimpers to go say hi to them. He is very protective of his home and his Mommy though. He has a favorite toy, Mr Fox and when he is with a dog sitter overnight, he must have his Mr. Fox with him. He’s the most lovable and cuddliest with the most personality.

When he had an emergency after another dog bit him, we took him to Solano Pet Emergency Clinic. The cost to save his life was more than we could afford as a military family. Because Koba is loved and cared for as a part of our family and deserves the medical treatment as any other member of the family should.

As a pet mommy, I want to do everything I can to protect and provide all the needs necessary to take care of my Koba. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money that is expected for emergencies like these. But I couldn’t imagine the alternative. Saving Gracie saved my Koba.