$5 Furriday! Celebrating 5 Years of Second Chances!

We’re celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary! That’s right! This month we will have successfully made it to the 5 year mark and we could not have done it without the support of our donors, sponsors and partners. We thank you so much!
Celebrating 5 years of giving pets a second chance at life has helped the people that love them and are bonded with them. We have saved dozens of beloved pets and have sent them home, where they belong, to live longer and healthier lives.
To continue with our mission to give pets a second chance at life, we are asking for you to join our $5 Furriday fundraiser. A gift of $5 on Furridays this month can help save a pets life. It is a small amount but with your help it all adds up!
The Saving Gracie team hopes that you never have to make the difficult choice of losing a pet because you are not able to afford to pay for an emergency situation. We hope that everyone takes preventative measures to keep their pets safe, however if you need us, we will be here for you.
To be here for you and your pets, we must rely solely on donations from the community. Thank you in advance for your $5 Furriday donation. We truly appreciate you.


04/29/2021 - 05/31/2021


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